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The challenge for day 10 of the #introtopoetry course from WordPress is to write about the future.  The suggested form is the sonnet.  I have always fought shy of attempting a sonnet.  The rigorous rules of past generations of poets seemed too difficult.  However I have attempted a rhyming sonnet in something close to iambic pentameter.  Like my previous poem, this could be one I return to and find ways of improving.

I didn’t spend long composing it.  The title is somewhat facetious.  I believe it is the first sonnet I have ever written.  Shakespeare numbered his, didn’t he?

Some of the phrases may count as found poetry as for day 7.  I hope some of it is original in form.

Sonnet I

The past has gone and ‘now’ is here,
But what will happen in a future year?
We do not know the time or place
For salvation of the human race.

I know that Christ will come again
Bringing judgment to the sons of men.
To daughters too, to rich and poor,
And he will open heaven’s door.

Until we meet him face to face
We ought to live our lives by grace
And trust in God in every place.

Whatever the number of our days
We should try to follow his ways
With thanksgiving and praise.