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My next archive links are to posts about expressions connected with parts of the body, a post linking to other posts about the Christmas season and Boxing Day, and one about fear.  I don’t usually include these intermediate posts, from the time when I was adding new material to this blog and providing links to older posts, but considering the time of year…


For your convenience I am also providing the links from within that post.  (Of course, it is also possible to navigate between the first three links to the other posts.)


Head to foot


Christmas Season:-

A word in season is about manners as much as about Christmas.

Boxing Day is all about boxes.

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The prompt for Day 7 of the #introtopoetry course from WordPress is Flavor.  As I am British I do not spell it quite like that!

Neither does the magazine I attacked with a pair of scissors.  The suggested form for this prompt is found poetry – using words found elsewhere.

A magazine from the well-known supermarket, Tesco, happened to be to hand.  Most of the articles are suggestions for recipes.  There are adverts and I lifted part of an article about using digital devices less.

I took a photo of my poem.  Observant readers will notice a misplaced punctuation mark…

…I left it as I found it.