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Welcome to Sue’s considered trifles, a blog about the English language.  The early posts are about sayings, idioms, proverbs and quotations, mainly remembered from Sue’s childhood.  No new material is being added, but links to the earlier posts are being posted each Thursday.  Check out the pages on the menu if you are interested.  Comments are closed on early posts, but links open in new tabs, so it is easy to find this post again and comment below. 🙂

The first link is to a post about sayings from farming.  The second post announced that I had entered the 1st UK Blog awards.  A large enough number of my readers were kind to me and my blogs were shortlisted!

Down on the farm (Part 1)

UK Blog Awards 2014

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Today I wish to apologise to my regular readers that this post is not in my usual style for this blog. I had a choice – to rush out an inferior post or hold it over to next week.  Hopefully by then I’ll have more free time and will have recovered from visiting relatives and attending the UK Blog Awards (on 25th April 2014 at Grange St Paul’s Hotel in London). My week-long trip involved travelling as a passenger for 8 short journeys by car, on ten trains, two underground trains and four buses and covered 700 miles or more.

Now the UK Blog Awards Evening is over and the results are out, I’d like to thank everyone who voted for my blogs. I was surprised that they were both short-listed (by the public vote) and ended up competing against each other. I was not at all surprised that they were not winners or highly commended. I had looked at the other blogs in the same category and decided that other competitors were more deserving of those honours. Congratulations to all the winners and highly commended bloggers!
The results are available on the UK Blog Awards website.
However, I had an enjoyable and memorable evening in London and met a lot of enthusiastic bloggers, including two winners (Alice Elliott and Annie Byrne).
My first report of the evening may be found here.

Normal service will be resumed on Thursday with my archive links.

If you are on holiday today for the May Day Bank Holiday, I hope you are enjoying it. If you are obliged to work – blame it on modern society! I am technically able to organise my own time and here I am writing a blog post on a Bank Holiday 😉
Thanks for reading.  Please click through to one of my favourite passages from the Bible!
Numbers 6:24-25