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The prompt for Day 4 of the #introtopoetry course from WordPress is Journey and the suggested device is simile.
I have written a narrative verse of seven four-line stanzas.  I only managed to drag in one simile.  I tried at least one other, but it was a cliché.  I didn’t use it.
I do not usually write such a long poem, but this is the story of a journey I made recently.  I am posting it later in the day than the shorter poems, which I have written for the challenge so far, because it has taken much longer to write!

A train

A train

A Tale of Two Trains

The slow train with salt- and mud-
Besmirched windows gives views
Of sea and fields, distant hills,
Stations in places with predictable news.

Passengers talk as loudly
As auctioneers selling sheep.
I’d like them to be quiet.
I tell myself my ticket was very cheap.

While I wait for the next train,
I buy myself some lunch
And go to the waiting room,
Where others with their sandwiches sit and munch.

The express train arrives on time.
My seat has a reserved
Ticket.  I drink tea bought
From the trolley – a treat I may have deserved.

This train stops in busy towns,
Where people are leaving
For sunny destinations.
More passengers arrive – the stations are heaving.

Have you guessed where I’m going?
I alight at the airport,
But have not booked a flight.
I leave the station- it’s not what you thought.

A car draws up outside.
My journey is to visit
Members of my family,
Who expect me – not such a surprise, is it?

Last week I was away on holiday.  I knew that my second blogging anniversary was on 23 July, but that was not a posting day, so I only marked it with a Tweet!

The first of my posts about my holiday is out today on my other blog.  I hope you will pop over and enjoy my holiday snaps.

My archive posts are the first of two new series here.  I know very little about sport, but it has enriched the English language and deserves a mention!

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