My old man says follow the van and don’t dilly-dally on the way

is the opening line of a song which has been popular for “community singing” for a long time.  It uses shilly-shally as well.  Both expressions mean dawdle or loiter.

Part-exchange is a transaction where one item is taken in part-payment for a newer or better one.

Shop-soiled means dirtied or damaged while on display in a shop.  It leads to a reduction on price, but no option to return the goods later.

Post-haste is an archaic expression for with haste or speed.

Matter-of-fact is a description of a person who is down to earth and not given to flights of fancy.

Self-perpetuating means preserving itself from oblivion.

Double-jointed means having joints which can move in different directions from most people’s.  I have a double-jointed right thumb, but that didn’t help me with gymnastics!

My thumbs (side view)

My thumbs (side view)

My thumbs

My thumbs

Trend-setting is dressing or decorating in a way which other people will follow.

Pigeon-holed is categorised.  Pigeon-fanciers have lofts for their birds with small holes for them to enter and leave by.  Where many items need to be sorted, for example mail for a shared building boxes are constructed and labelled.  These are usually known as pigeon-holes.  Perhaps there is a connection with pigeon post, which uses carrier pigeons.

A rattle-trap is an old vehicle, which shakes and rattles.  A trap is a horse drawn vehicle as in pony and trap, but a motor car (automobile) may also be described this way.

Given carte-blanche is similar to given free rein In this case the analogy is with a piece of blank card.

Faint-hearted is timid or cowardly.

Bloody-minded is deliberately uncooperative or cruel.

A push-bike can be pushed, but it is normal to use pedals to propel it.

A toe-hold is literally somewhere to hold on with your toes, as on a mountain.  It is used figuratively for a slight foothold.

Built-in obsolescence is a modern concept in our consumerist world.  In times past things were made to last!

Pint-sized is small.  There are smaller liquid measures, but this is a colloquial meaning .

A so-and-so is someone whose character is such that one would not like to be explicit about it.

Cock-a-hoop is proud of oneself and celebrating it.  The Dictionary of Modern Phrase by Graeme Donald links it to celebrating by allowing beer to run freely from a barrel.  The cock is some kind of valve, but the derivation is uncertain.

St Paul had many achievements, but his attitude to boasting was set out in his letter to the Galations 6:14 (NIV)  May I never boast except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, through which the world has been crucified to me and I to the world.