Footloose and fancy free describes a single person without attachments.

No ties means having no responsibilities to tie a person to a place.  Nothing to do with neck-ties!

Feel free is an invitation to help oneself to food or to join in.  It is also a joke about not wearing a bra!

No strings attached describes an offer, which does not demand anything in return.

The one that got away is a phrase Mum uses if she is asked whether she was a teacher.

They all lived happily ever after is a fairytale ending.

Take it easy!  Advice to slow down or rest.

To live a life of leisure may be the ambition of many.  It could be a primrose pathI don’t believe it leads to happiness.

Each to their own.  This is a popular phrase used when people have different interests and ambitions.

Left holding the baby may be used literally, but more often is synonymous with lumbered.  A lumberjack works in forests in North America harvesting timber.  Lumber is heavy.

Left in the lurch means abandoned at the altar.  There is a comic song

There was I standing at the church

Beg, borrow or steal is a phrase meaning procure by any possible means.

The thing is… often introduces an excuse or objection.

Make a new start with a New Year’s resolution, a change of address, of job, of relationship, or of religion.

Many people think that Christianity is about obeying rules and not doing all sorts of enjoyable things.  In fact it is about new life.  Acts 5:18-20 has a message for Peter from an angel.