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My next two posts are about love and sayings using those parts of the body from the shoulder to the fingertips.  The title I have chosen for this post is an example of my sense of humour.  Keeping someone at arm’s length implies not allowing them to get to know you.  Comments are closed on  my earlier posts, but are welcome here for a limited time.

Love story

Hand in hand

Today is  Time to Talk Day in the UK (Mental Health Awareness).  I have pledged to have a conversation with a view to breaking the silence around mental health and reducing the stigma associated with mental illnesses.


My next two archive posts are about sense (and silliness) and illness and healing.  The second of these posts led to a number of interesting comments.  Please continue the discussion here as comments are closed on older posts.  (The links open in new tabs)

Sense and Sensibility

How are you?

In my previous post I asked your opinions about how I should manage this blog as I really do not have time to add new material regularly.  I intend to post two archive links on Thursdays.  My stats show that August 2014 was my best month so far for traffic to this blog.  Did someone say something about quitting while you are winning?

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