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My posting schedule on this blog for 2014-15 and into this year has gone through all the original material on this blog from its beginning in July 2012 to the end of 2014.  There is some additional material in the same style, which I wrote early in 2014.

So this month I am providing 3 links, one to the post explaining my new posting schedule and two “proper” posts.  (I am not linking to the posts, which link with old posts.  These are alternate posts on the part of Sue’s considered trifles in 2014.)

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My new posting schedule for 2014 (Archive links)

Washday A post about the work involved in doing the laundry and other work-related sayings

Home truths (Part 2) Sayings about houses and homes.

Sue also blogs at Sue’s Trifles and Sue’s words and pictures.

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On the property ladder is where people who are buying their (first) home are said to be.  Property really means possessions, but is particularly associated with what in US English is known as real estate.

Lost property by contrast is usually a small item such as an umbrella, which has been left behind by mistake.

A grandfather’s chest is an item of furniture, made famous in the song Soldier, soldier, won’t you marry me?

Under the table is where someone who has over-indulged in alcohol may end up.  It can also mean secret or clandestine.

Dancing on the tables may be another manifestation of over-indulgence.

Open house is a social gathering in a private home, where the invitation is extended widely.  Or a policy of extending hospitality to callers.

An open fire is the sort of fire which burns in a grate as opposed to a stove, which has a door or doors.

Welcome on the mat is an expression.  It has resulted in doormats being produced with the word Welcome on them.

An open mind is one which is prepared to consider new ideas.

Here, there and everywhere means all over the place and is a Beatles number.

Every which way means in every direction.

Open doors are synonymous with opportunity.  It is the name of a charity .

When poverty comes in at the door love flies out of the window is a proverb.  There may be a little truth in it.

Home and hearth are words which are often used together.  The hearth used to be the centre of the home.  Central heating has altered that.  Did I remember hearth in my post To the nth degree?  It has heart in it.

Putting it to bed is an expression used by printers regarding starting the overnight print-run for the morning newspaper.

To hit the sack is to lie down to sleep.  A simple bed might consist of a stuffed sack and covers.

House-trained is usually associated with pets, which know how to behave indoors.

As Jesus was being crucified he spoke to his mother and to one of his disciples.  John 19:25-27


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