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My next two archive posts are

To the nth degree (where I mainly discuss words ending -th)

and Going Down!  This was my first attempt at a Daily Prompt.  I made life difficult for myself by keeping my regular style of blogging and avoiding three-letter words!

Now any responses I make to the Daily Prompt appear on my other blog, Sue’s Trifles.

My second archive post ends with a Psalm, which may be helpful for people suffering with anxiety and depression.  This week is Mental Health Awareness Week.

Are you Anxiety Aware Mental Health Awareness Week 2014 12-18 May

My first choice of a name for my blog was considered trifles, but this had been used for a recipe blog.

I intended to start a blog about proverbs and sayings, so my next choice was Cat in the Adage.  I have never been quite sure which adage is referred to here, so it was perhaps as well that this name had also been used.

On reflection I thought it might be useful to claim ownership of my blog, so I tried Suesconsideredtrifles and it was third time lucky!

The saying which I had rifled for the name is “a snapper up of unconsidered trifles” from A Winter’s Tale by William Shakespeare.

A trifle is a small thing or one of my favourite desserts.  A popular piano piece by Couperin is called “The Petit-Rien” and translated as “A Trifle”.  Petit is French for little and Rien means nothing.

My Grandad asked me a riddle, when I was a child.  “What’s smaller than nothing?”

I couldn’t guess.  His answer was, “The dot in the middle.”

I wanted to be taken fairly seriously, so I chose considered rather than unconsidered for the small and not so small topics I am writing about.  But I hope Sue’s Considered Trifles sometimes makes her readers laugh.

I have recently taken part in a group writing challenge for which I wrote How did I get here?  It is a fuller account of my writing aspirations.

This brief post is in response to Tuesday’s daily prompt.  I have been away from a reliable broadband connection for a few days!

Saint Luke gave an explanation of why he was writing in the opening verses of the Gospel which bears his name.  Luke Chapter 1 verses 1-4