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Regular readers will know that nothing much has been happening here for the last year or two with most of my new posts appearing on Sue’s Trifles or Sue’s Words and Pictures.

I was away from home on National Poetry Day, but spotted a Tweet from The Daily Post about a poetry course.  Yesterday I checked the links and clicked the join course button.  (I didn’t really expect it to sign me up there and then, but it did and I haven’t much to lose by taking part, even if I get further behind with it than the people, who signed up earlier and manage to keep up with daily poem writing.)

The first prompt is Water, which is also this week’s Photo Challenge topic.  It is also suggested that the form to use is a haiku.

I wrote two – one for fun, by way of introduction, and one for the prompt.

I am a poet;
I am letting you know it.
Are you a poet?

Drizzle dampens roofs;
Roads shine reflectively, speak
With the hiss of tyres.


The next two archive posts have titles, which play on words, like this one.  The first is about care, carelessness and words.  The second is about technology and the word stump.  The photos were taken by hubby in the days before I had a smart phone.

Do you care about words?

Stumped by technology

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