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After posting on ten consecutive days on this blog, what should I do next?

This post is a summary of my experience of taking the #introtopoetry course and the monthly post my followers may have come to expect.

I shall begin with the archive links.  The first and third are to my usual posts about sayings, words and idioms.   The second is a post about my travels to the first UK blog awards for which my two blogs were short-listed.  (My third blog, Sue’s words and pictures is much younger.)

Bells and belles

UK Blog awards

Back to Nature (Part 2)

I realise that it is not very easy to find the links for older posts/newer posts in among all the clutter of my widgets below each group of posts.  For this reason I am providing links to each of my 10 #introtopoetry posts here.

A change of direction for this blog

Face to face


A Journey




Pleasure from sunshine in autumn (or fall if you must!)

The English Lake District

A sonnet

I found the #introtopoetry course useful, although I didn’t allow enough time to benefit fully from all the information available about the various poetic forms and devices.  However I have all the links for future reference.  I wrote poems I certainly would not otherwise have bothered to write.  Whether the literary world has gained from this is for others to judge! 😉


The next two archive posts I am inviting you to read are about sayings and words.  It is an interesting coincidence that the first post has come to the top of the list after a week when I have noticed local road works to repair a water leak and others to upgrade street-lighting.

The tenth post in the Speaking terms series is about gratitude, among other things.


Style and intention – Speaking terms (Part 10)

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