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My next archive links are to posts about expressions connected with parts of the body, a post linking to other posts about the Christmas season and Boxing Day, and one about fear.  I don’t usually include these intermediate posts, from the time when I was adding new material to this blog and providing links to older posts, but considering the time of year…


For your convenience I am also providing the links from within that post.  (Of course, it is also possible to navigate between the first three links to the other posts.)


Head to foot


Christmas Season:-

A word in season is about manners as much as about Christmas.

Boxing Day is all about boxes.

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I have decided to include links to three archive posts this time.  The reason is that November includes Armistice/Remembrance Day and Remembrance Sunday.  The title of the third post is a quotation of the reason for having these special days.  They are not holidays in the UK.  Especially if 11 November falls on a weekday, life goes on as normal apart from the observation of two minutes silence at 11am.  There may be special acts of remembrance as well which people, who are not otherwise occupied, may attend.

Getting better has all kinds of improvement-related sayings and some of the rules in the other post are written on stone.

Getting better

Rules, regulations and ruling out

Lest we forget

A Poppy brooch for British Legion

A Poppy brooch for British Legion

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