As I approach my first blogging anniversary I’d like to encourage you to look at the posts I like best.

Opinionated?  Speaking terms (Part 3)

Sea Fever

Can we agree to differ? Speaking terms (Part 5)

What are you worrying about?

Bonfire Night

To the nth degree

Going down!

At death’s door

Decisions, decisions

Adam’s ale

Boxing Day

Happy New Year!

Business as usual: Work (Part 1)

Jack or knave?

How are you?

Out of sight…

You’re welcome!

It takes all sorts – People (Part 1)

Anyone for seconds?

Pegging out

…and mend

Out of my depth – Sport (Part 3)

Take aim – War (Part 3)

Seasons – Weather (Part 3)

Playing fair

The Talk of the Town

Lighting up

Crash, bang, wallop

All Trades and None

Head first


Making history

Sit, walk, stand

Wisdom and folly (Part 1)


Wisdom and folly (Part 2)

Down on the farm (Part 1)

All the above posts are about sayings.  Some of my other posts (listed below) are summaries of what has gone before or digressions from my theme.

The story so far…

With Hindsight

Hints and tips

Putting pen to paper

How did I get here?

Dear School *

I’m a bookworm, are you?

Do you roll your R’s?

My blog

Looking back

In future my posts for challenges and others not related to sayings and the English language will appear on my other blog Sue’s Trifles