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A blog about the English language by someone who is a specialist.  (End of blog announced Nov 2014).


When I started blogging in July 2012, I had a look at the freshly pressed posts and began to follow a few.  Bottledworder was one of them.  For some reason entirely unknown to me, I assumed that the majority of bloggers were men.  I now wonder whether the opposite is true or whether men and women are equally likely to be writers in these days of “equality”.  Anyhow, it took me a little while to work out which of the writers were which.  I discovered bottledworder was a lady before she said so herself, surprising a number of readers.

I followed her blog because she writes well, has interesting things to say about places I have never been to and she posts good photographs.  Also the mystery about who she is and why she writes had me in suspense for a while.  I was very glad to see her post after the storm.  I hope she’ll stay safe through the next one.

Perhaps in 2013 she’ll post more photographs, keep up the quality of her writing and interact with her followers.

Let’s drink a seasonal toast to “Bottledworder”!  27 December 2012

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