Dear Readers

Dear School * (An asterisk against a post indicates that it includes some of my “creative” writing.)

Decisions, decisions

Different opinions about food and drink (archive links)

Do you care about words?

Do you roll your R’s?

Doing and saying  (Archive links)

Doing the laundry and more about home (Archive links)

Don’t get worked up about it!

Double century (200th post with explanations and archive links)

Down on the farm (Part 1)

Down on the farm (Part 2)

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Enough of a build-up (Archive links)

Ever hopeful

External measurement? (Archive links)

Extra post for Christmas Day


Face to Face *

Facts and figures

Facts, figures and feelings (Archive links)

Family – People (Part 3)

Farming and a competition (Archive links)

Fashion and missing things (Archive links)

Fighting folk (Archive links)

Fired or fired at? (Archive links)

Fish, birds and worry (Archive links)

Fish or fowl?


Flight Switch *

Flower perchance (Archive links)

Food and drink

What’s cooking? Food and drink (Part 2)

Sweet and savoury – Food and drink (Part 3)

Bread and Butter – Food and drink (Part 4)

Food and foreigners (Archive links)

Food in foreign places? (Archive links)

For richer, for poorer: Money matters (Part 4)

For what it’s worth…(Money matters part 6)

Four by four by ten

Friend *

Friend or foe? *

Friendship and my blogging goals revisited (Archive posts)


From the neck up


Funny names or a strange title (Archive links)

Furry Animals – Menagerie (Part 4)