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(An asterisk against a post indicates that it includes some of my “creative” writing.)

Menagerie (Part 1)

Menagerie (Part 2)

Money matters (Part 1)

Money matters (Part 2)

Speaking terms (Part 1)

Are you telling the truth?  Speaking terms (Part 2) *

After all the wind and rain Weather (Part 1)

Opinionated?  Speaking terms (Part 3)

Threats and promises

Anyone for a game of “Simon says…”?

Sea Fever

From the neck up

Can you hear me?  Speaking terms (Part 4)

Hands, knees and boomps-a-daisy

The sky above…Weather (Part 2)

Money matters (Part 3)

Food and drink

Can we agree to differ? Speaking terms (Part 5)

Fish or fowl?

What are you worrying about?

In a manner of speaking…Speaking terms (Part 6)

On time (Part 1)

Understanding: Speaking terms (Part 7)

On time (Part 2)

In vogue

Lost and found

On time (Part 3)

Making a song and dance

On time (Part 4)

This and that

Pointed remarks: Speaking terms (Part 8)

Ever hopeful

For richer, for poorer: Money matters (Part4)

Last orders! (Part 1) *

Bonfire Night

You’ve heard it all before

To the nth degree

Going down!

The story so far…

At death’s door

Friend or foe? *

With Hindsight

Blooming marvellous

A lottery?

Last orders (Part 2)

Decisions, decisions

If you play your cards right…

Adam’s ale

A word in season

Boxing Day

Happy New Year!

Good, better, best

Facts and figures

How are you feeling?

That’s funny!

What’s in a name?

Hints and tips

Putting pen to paper

How did I get here?

Dear School *

Business as usual: Work (Part 1)

Playing ball: Sport (Part 1)

I’m a bookworm, are you?

A long innings? Sport (Part 2)

Back to business: Work (Part 2)

Do you roll your R’s?

My blog

Jack or knave?

Sense and Sensibility

How are you?

Out of sight…

Home truths

Hands up if you agree!

Anyone for seconds?

A Four-legged Friend – Menagerie (Part 3)

Furry Animals – Menagerie (Part 4)

Turn and turn about *

Pegging out

Looking back

Make do…

…and mend

Out of my depth – Sport (Part 3)

Up, up…

…and away!

You’re welcome!

Soldiering on – War (Part 1)

Let’s make a start – Work (Part 3)

Marching orders – War (Part 2)

It takes all sorts – People (Part 1)

In trouble

Take aim – War (Part 3)

Seasons – Weather (Part 3)

Not my type – People (Part 2)

It’s criminal!


Printed papers

Judge not…

Playing fair

The Talk of the Town

Lighting up

Family – People (Part 3)

Crash, bang, wallop

All Trades and None – People (Part 4)

Chance, perchance?

Success and failure

In sickness and in health


…and on

Head first


Mother knows best

Hot foot

Love story

Hand in hand

Making history

Games children play

Sit, walk, stand


One hundred and twenty, not out

Let’s drink to that!

Blogging anniversary

What on earth?

He does that religiously!

Watch the birdie!

Take it or leave it!

Backwards and forwards


Don’t get worked up about it!

Just because


Spineless – Menagerie (Part 5) *



Some vertebrates – Menagerie (part-6)

What’s cooking? Food and drink (Part 2)

Location, location

Sweet and savoury – Food and drink (Part 3)

Going in


Measuring up

Bread and Butter – Food and drink (Part 4)

By the name of…

Money management – Money matters (Part 5)

Name game


Wisdom and folly (Part 1)


Wisdom and folly (Part 2)

Down on the farm (Part 1)

UK Blog Awards 2014

Strategy – War (Part 4)

A man for all seasons


All at sea (Part 1)

Down on the farm (Part 2)

For what it’s worth…Money matters (part 6)

All at sea (Part 2)


Four by four by ten

Signs of the times

All at sea (Part 3)

Haves and have-nots – Money matters (Part 7)

Back to nature

A look in the eye

Cleaning up

Going to extremes

Extra post for Christmas Day

Winter woollies on!

Bits and bobs

New Year special

My new posting schedule for 2014 (Archive links)


Money and communicat-ing matter (Archive links)

Home truths (Part 2)

Money talks (Archive links)

The living is easy

Talking about the weather (Archive links)

A step in the right direction

Childhood sayings (Archive links)

On time (Part 5)

Head to sea (Archive links)


Speaking about limbs (Archive links)

Trials and tribulations

Different opinions about food and drink (Archive links)

Something has to give

Is the sky the limit? (Archive links)

On time (Part 6)

Fish, birds and worry (Archive links)

Weighing it up

Speaking clock (Archive links)

Do you care about words?

Speaking clock (again) (Archive links)

Stumped by technology

Fashion and missing things (Archive links)

‘Nuff said’ Speaking terms (Part 9)

Time for music (Archive links)

Building up

Double century (200th post with explanations and archive links)


Time and “and” (Archive links)

Style and intention – Speaking terms (Part 10)

Speaking of hope (Archive links)

Bells and belles

Money orders (Archive links)

UK Blog awards

November posts (Archive links)

Back to Nature (Part 2)

Word endings and depths (Archive links)

Recap and death (Archive links)

Friendship and my blogging goals revisited (Archive links)

Getting better

Flower perchance (Archive links)

Rules, regulations and ruling out

You have to decide (Archive links)

Lest we forget

Card games and water (Archive links)

Head to foot

Christmas season (Archive links)


Will the next year be any better? (Archive links)

Making the grade

Facts, figures and feelings (Archive links)

Shooting your mouth off – Speaking terms (Part 11)

Funny names or a strange title (Archive links)

Picking holes

Two experimental posts (Archive links)

Speaking and listening – speaking terms (Part 12)

Two more experimental posts (Archive links)

The centre of attention

Work and play (Archive links)

Stone, wind and fire

Reading books and sport (Archive links)

Persuasion and ridicule – Speaking terms (Part 13)

Business and saying R (Archive links)

Something to crow about

My blog and a popular lad (Archive links)

What can I say? Speaking terms (Part 14)

Two for tea! (Post 240)

Dear Readers

Mental and physical well-being (Archive links)

Behind closed doors (Archive links)

Hands and seconds equals second-hand (Archive links)

Animals and more animals (Archive links)

Taking turns and death (Archive links)

The answer is 42 (Archive links)

Sport (Archive link)

Up, up and away (Archive links)

Hospitality and invalided out (Archive links)

Fired or fired at? (Archive links)

Trouble-makers  (Archive links)

War and the weather (Archive links)

Some types may get up to mischief (Archive links)

On the stage or in print (Archive links)

Just justice? (Archive links)

Christmas lights? (Archive links)

A quiet family Christmas? (Archive links)

What do you happen to be? (Archive links)

Opposites  (Archive links)

Off and on (Archive links)

Head or heart? (Archive links)

Mother’s advice and feet (Archive links)

Love at arm’s length? (Archive links)

Written records of children’s games (Archive links)

Posture and body parts (Archive links)

A round-up and a round of drinks (Archive links)

Why on earth do I blog? (Archive links)

Mixed blessings (Archive links)

A pair of opposites (Archive links)

Places and feelings (Archive links)

Just because we’re breathing…  (Archive links)

Insects and raising (up)  (Archive links)

Word-pairs and creatures great and small  (Archive links)

Food in foreign places? (Archive links)

Eating in? (Archive links)

External measurement? (Archive links)

Food and foreigners (Archive links)

Name your price (Archive links)

Many a true word (Archive links)

Life and the living (Archive links)

Farming and a competition (Archive links)

Fighting folk (Archive links)

Maritime power? (Archive links)

Is there money in farming? (Archive links)

I see no ships (Archive links)

Three for the price of two (Archive links)

Money can’t buy… (Archive links)

Just look at all the dust! (Archive links)

Christmas Eve links (includes a prayer)

New year’s eve post – 2015 in review

Bobbing along in the New Year (Archive links)

Doing the laundry and more about home (Archive links)

That’s life (Archive links)

To my new followers

If you’re quick you won’t be late (Archive links)

Tested to destruction? (Archive links)

Time to make a decision (Archive links)


Careful with electricity (Archive links)

Enough of a build-up  (Archive links)

Doing and saying  (Archive links)

A change in direction for this blog*

Face to Face*


A Journey*




Pleasure from sunshine in autumn (or fall if you must!)*

The English Lake District*

A sonnet*

What next? Includes archive links

Better remember the rules

Heading towards Christmas could be scary archive links

Christmas greetings

Blogging holiday

Blogging from A to Z on Sue’s Trifles


I’m hiding!

The last day of 2017

Looking for the A to Z Challenge?

To my email subscribers

To my mystery reader in Japan

Quick update

To all my followers