Paradoxology by Krish Kandiah

In this recent book characters and events in the Bible are considered in an attempt to balance seemingly opposing aspects of God’s character.  A reprint is due out shortly.
I enjoyed the examples and the arguments presented. It is useful to have a Bible to hand, while reading Paradoxology. Many of the stories are familiar, but I had to reread Habakkuk to appreciate Krish Kandiah’s train of thought.
I was interested in the examples from contemporary culture, which were included. Do any other Christian books refer to Finding Nemo?
Some people are put off Christianity as they are not looking for simple answers. This is a book, which could help. The subtitle is “Why Christianity was never meant to be simple”. I recommend it to anyone wishing to examine the apparent contradictions in the Bible and especially those who preach or teach teenagers or adults. It would make a good book for group study, although it (wisely in my opinion) does not include discussion questions.
Come to think of it, neither does the Bible .