Lead me, Holy Spirit

By Stormie Omartian

I used this book in the way the author intended, taking short sections over a number of weeks.  I found it very helpful.  The book explores all the areas of our life where the indwelling Holy Spirit can (and should) lead us.  Although the author has a reputation for writing for women (perhaps because of her best-selling book “The power of a praying woman”) I can see no reason why men should not also find this book helpful.  As with the above-mentioned book, the prayers from this book are also available in a separate pocket-sized volume.

There were two statements in the book which caused a little concern.  She states that the fire, which is associated with the Holy Spirit (Matthew 3:11) is “in the spirit realm”.  There are a number of examples in the Bible where God appeared as fire, which she does not mention.  (A member of the ladies’ Bible study group I belong to raised this concern, when I was talking about the book.)

The second one which concerned me was her emphasis on obedience to God leading to long life.  I agree that there are several places in the Bible, which link long life and obedience, but I do not believe that by being obedient, we shall always live longer.  What about martyrs and other Christians who die well before their three score years and ten?

Stormie Omartian is at her best writing about real-life experiences and providing prayers inspired by and using the scriptures.  I recommend this book to anyone, who desires to have a closer walk with God.