Raising Children in a Digital Age
Enjoying the Best Avoiding the Worst
Bex Lewis

This readable book provides an overview of internet usage and the digital age.  In addition to her other research, the author has compiled the views of parents and others with responsibility for children from a survey.  Details of the most popular social media sites are given and a multitude of links to useful websites.
There are exercises, which may be carried out with children.  Myths about the internet are carefully considered.  A glossary or “JargonBuster” is included as well as references to the many sources consulted by the author.  A list of books and websites for further reading is also included.

The questions dealt with in this well-researched book will continue to be relevant while social media change in detail.  As a grandparent I found it helpful, not least as a guide to staying safe on the internet myself.  My only question is, dare I pass it on to the parents of my grandchildren?