Now I have been blogging for a year and have two blogs I am beginning to feel as if I belong here.

So perhaps I should tell you a little more about myself in case you might be interested have noticed me in the multitude.

This is counter-cultural for me; I was brought up not to draw attention to myself – but I did enjoy wearing the bright colours which were fashionable while I was a teenager!

I have an enquiring mind, a general knowledge which is more patchy than widespread (like rain?) and a fascination with words.  I am trying to share this fascination here.

Good communication skills are an important way of promoting understanding and peace.  How often have you heard people arguing over something, just because they use language differently and can’t understand each other?

My natural inclination seems to be nonfiction, although occasionally I write stories.  Even my poems tend to be observations.  I hope to entertain as well as inform.

© Susan Sanderson