My posting schedule on this blog for 2014-15 and into this year has gone through all the original material on this blog from its beginning in July 2012 to the end of 2014.  There is some additional material in the same style, which I wrote early in 2014.

So this month I am providing 3 links, one to the post explaining my new posting schedule and two “proper” posts.  (I am not linking to the posts, which link with old posts.  These are alternate posts on the part of Sue’s considered trifles in 2014.)

All the links open in new tabs, so you may find this post, should you wish to leave a comment about any of the linked posts.

My new posting schedule for 2014 (Archive links)

Washday A post about the work involved in doing the laundry and other work-related sayings

Home truths (Part 2) Sayings about houses and homes.

Sue also blogs at Sue’s Trifles and Sue’s words and pictures.

Thank you for reading and look out for my post here next month. 🙂