This post on Christmas Eve links to two posts from the series on words, sayings and idioms.  There is an extra link with a Christmas greeting.

Going to extremes includes expressions about nudity.

Extra post for Christmas Day

Winter woollies on!  Wool and sheep feature here.


As one of my most popular posts on Sue’s Trifles was a Christmas Eve prayer, I am reposting it here to save you the bother of clicking.


O God, our heavenly Father,
We praise and thank you for your many gifts to us.
At this time of Christmas we remember your mercy
in sending us your son, Jesus to be our saviour.
We pray for all the people of the world,
especially for those who are in any hardship at this time:
the lonely, those suffering in body, mind or spirit, refugees and all those without a home.
We pray for all who are working to alleviate suffering, to bring about peace and to spread the good news about Jesus Christ, the Prince
of Peace, who reigns with you and the Holy Spirit and in whose name we pray.  Amen


Although I wrote it two years ago, it seems even more relevant this year.

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Christmas blessings to you all.