If you are following Sue’s considered trifles, you may wish to follow one or both of Sue’s other blogs in order to keep up with her blogging activities.  This blog is drawing to a close.

Sue’s Trifles has resumed normal service following the rush of activity during the Blogging from A to Z in April Challenge.

Sue’s words and pictures’ original plan of weekly posts on Mondays has been abandoned  It will be taking part in a weekly A to Z Challenge beginning tomorrow (8 May).  If the Daily Post’s Photography Challenge is appealing there could be three new posts in a week.

The next two archive links on Sue’s considered trifles are one with expressions including the word out and one about expressions involving a variety of things which can be measured.


Measuring up

Today is Election Day in the UK.  Some politicians will find they have been voted out.  It remains to be seen how the newly elected ones will measure up.

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