My next two archive posts are from July 2013.  I published a post to mark my first blogging anniversary and updated my header.  It has remained the same ever since.  The second archive post is about expressions using earth, world or featuring locations.  In case I have lured you here under false pretences with my title, I’ll add a few words about why I blog.

Blogging anniversary

What on earth?

The reasons I started blogging are stated elsewhere.  The question now is why do I continue to maintain two blogs?

This blog has around 266 posts and 50 pages.  (I may have confused the counter on WordPress by deleting one or two.)  Most of this material has not had many views, so I am providing links to older posts to give new readers the chance to find them more easily.

My other blog is a place where I write about things which have caught my attention, items I have made, books I have read, and where I take part in blogging events.  I enjoy blogging, reading other blogs and getting to know other bloggers.  I have made some blogging friends through the A to Z challenge.  Will you be taking part this April?