This post will appear on Christmas Day.  I expect to be having a quiet family Christmas, having sung lustily in the church choir at the Christmas Eve service and had a late night.  (The so-called midnight service begins at 11pm for us and ends after midnight, by which time it is officially Christmas Day and we sing the last verse in O Come All Ye Faithful: Yea, Lord, we greet thee, born this happy morning…)

If you fancy some light reading over the holidays, here are the next two links in my blog about words, sayings and idioms.

Family – People (Part 3)

Crash, bang, wallop

One is about all sorts of different people – does your family have any characters like these?  The other is about noises, sounds and phrases involving such words.  There is a church organ, which is appropriate for the season.

By all means comment here – comments are closed on my earlier posts.

I wish all my readers a joyful and peaceful Christmas.  Thank you for visiting my blog.