Don’t panic! became a catch-phrase in the TV series, Dad’s ArmyCorporal Jones used to say it, while he obviously lost his “cool”.

Panic averted – is equivalent to the “All clear” after an air-raid.  There was the danger of something going wrong, but action has been taken and everyone can calm down.

Panic-buying often occurs, when a commodity is known to be in short-supply.  This just makes the situation worse.

The word panic comes from the Greek god, Pan.  It is the fear, which overtakes people in the countryside or woods.

Pandemonium is the home of demons.   Pandemonium let loose is an expression describing everything in confusion and going wrong.  I have seen a house named Pandemonium.  It always made me wonder what sort of people would choose such a name.  I have also known of a house named Shalom, which is a Hebrew word meaning Peace and wholeness.  I know, which I’d prefer!

Confusion reigns is an expression, describing a muddle.

In a muddle may be a physical state, such as untidiness or confusion of the mind.

Muddled up means confused or mixed up.  Objects may be muddled up, for example, when the wrong order is sent.  A person may be muddled up and send something to the wrong address.  A mixed-up person does not usually know what he or she wants in life.

Muddle through is an expression about getting things done in spite of not having a clear plan.

Spine-chilling is used to describe very frightening things.

Goose-pimples or goose-bumps may be the result of being cold or being afraid.  There are pleasant tingles too.  When people hear stories of how God has acted, they sometimes experience goose-bumps.

The God of the Bible tells his servants such as Joshua not to be afraid, but to be of good courage.  Joshua 1:7-9

He offers peace. John 14:25-27