Four by four by ten was my 160th post summarising the previous forty.

Signs of the times is a quotation.  Matthew 16:3  The post is about signs you might see in the modern world.

All at sea (Part 3) expressions about the sea and sailing

Haves and have-nots – Money matters (Part 7) The title uses an expression describing the rich and poor.  More expressions about money, value and more.

Back to nature usually refers to a simpler life.  the post is about flowers and plants, which have enriched the English language.

A look in the eye is a facial expression.  Eyes, sight and blindness feature here.

Cleaning up has a number of meanings – the literal one and raking in money.  Expressions about cleaning and cleaning materials are included.

Going to extremes Nakedness and blackness are two extremes.

Extra post for Christmas Day

Winter woollies on! Wool, sheep and shepherds may provide warmth.

Bits and bobs are assorted objects and that is what this post is about.

New Year special I announced changes to my blogging routine.

My new posting schedule for 2014 (Archive links)

Washday These expressions about work are mostly connected to washing clothes.

Money and communicat-ing matter (Archive links)

Home truths (Part 2) Houses, their contents and attitudes.  (A home truth is not usually pleasant news to the person hearing what others think.)

Money talks (Archive links)

The living is easy is an expression and the line of at least one song.  Here expressions lead to leisure and lifestyle.

Talking about the weather (Archive links)

A step in the right direction is a self-evident expression.  Here are ideas about influence and social groupings and decisions, right?

Childhood sayings (Archive links)

On time (Part 5) More expressions about time

Head to sea (Archive links)

Quick This post includes sayings about fast and slow.

Speaking about limbs (Archive links)

Trials and tribulations are difficulties in life.  Naturally there are appropriate expressions.

Different opinions about food and drink (Archive links)

Something has to give Mostly about giving, presents and celebration – but not entirely.  I won’t give the game away!

Is the sky the limit? (Archive links) The sky is the limit is an expression about unlimited resources.  the linked posts are about Sky and money.

On time (Part 6) More expressions about time.

Fish, birds and worry (Archive links)

Weighing it up is about decision-making.

Speaking clock (Archive links) Before computers and synchronised clocks, the usual way of finding the precise time was to telephone the speaking clock.  the linked posts are about speech and time.

Do you care about words?  Care, and words are the main topics here.

Speaking clock (again) (Archive links)

Stumped by technology batteries, radar and stumps.

Fashion and missing things (Archive links)

‘Nuff said’ Speaking terms (Part 9) The previous post in this series was way back in October 2012.  Nuff is how many people pronounce “Enough”.

Time for music (Archive links)

Building up is a post about expressions involving components of buildings – perhaps I should have called it building blocks, but I like the idea of encouragement.

Two hundred occurs many times in the Bible, mainly in the Old Testament.  St Paul was moved from Jerusalem to Caesarea by two hundred soldiers, seventy horsemen and two hundred spearmen to ensure his safety.  Acts 23:23 Have you read this exciting book of the Bible?