My new posting schedule for 2014 is this

  • I intend to publish one new post each Monday.
  • On Thursdays my post will be a link to two of my earlier posts.

Comments are closed on my early posts, but you are welcome to leave comments about them on the Thursdays posts.  All the links will open new tabs, so it is easy to find the place to comment.

So to business.  I am going right back to the beginning of Sue’s considered trifles and providing links to my first two posts.

Introduction to Sue’s considered trifles

Menagerie (Part 1)


My blogs are entered in the UK Blog Awards #UKBA14.  Sue’s considered trifles is in the education category and Sue’s Trifles is in both the education and lifestyle categories.  (They are competing with each other in education!)  One vote is allowed in each category.