All together now is an instruction or invitation to speak, sing or act en masse. It is perhaps best known worldwide from the Beatles’ song.

In the altogether means completely undressed. The fairy story by Hans Christian Anderson, The Emperor’s New Clothes, is a cautionary tale. In the film version there is a song with the words, “The emperor’s in the altogether!”

File:HCA by Thora Hallager 1869.jpg

Hans Christian Anderson Photo credit Wikipedia

In the buff also means naked, buff being a skin tone.

Stark naked has an adjective added for emphasis. Stark has a number of meanings including evident.

Starkers is a shortened form of stark naked.

A stark contrast is a complete contrast.

He swore black was white. This comment is a metaphor about a liar.

Jet black is the colour of a mineral, known as jet.  It was popular for jewellery in Victorian times.

As black as soot is a simile from the time when everyone heated their homes with an open fire. Soot is carbon, which is deposited in chimneys and the exhaust pipes of vehicles. (Complete combustion would give carbon dioxide, but beware of incomplete combustion giving rise to carbon monoxide. It is a killer.)

Blacken someone’s character means speak ill of them.

“He totals them,” was a remark made recently by a dog-walker in Cumbria. He was speaking about his dog chewing up tennis balls.

As we approach Christmas, the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, pause for a moment to consider that He was born naked,  just like us.  Luke 2:6-7

Did you know He also died naked?  John 19:23-24

When he rose from the dead He left his grave-cloths behind.  John 20:1-9  It isn’t something I’ve really thought about before.  Perhaps the angels had clothes for Him.


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