Danger overhead wires may be seen on roads or railways.

Low bridge is a warning sign for drivers of high vehicles.

Mind your head is a sign I may usually ignore without any problems.

Mind the gap applies to passengers getting on or off trains, whether above or below ground.

It won’t hurt you to…

…is how a number of instructions on Transport for London currently begin.  It is a safety campaign.

End of line reductions has nothing to do with railways.  In shops the last few items in a particular design may be reduced in price.

Clearance sale is similar to the above.  As new styles arrive, older ones need to be sold to clear some space.

Closing-down sale and Everything must go appear when all the stock has to be sold before a shop is vacated.

Mid-season sale is a sign of the recession.  When I was a child there used to be January sales and July sales.

No sale is a button on a till.

Sign on the bottom line is a usual instruction on printed forms.

Sign in is an instruction in some workplaces for staff and/or visitors.

Sign out is another which is required to keep track of the people on the premises or the website.

Sign up means enrol or enlist or volunteer to make refreshments for example.

Signs of life include breathing.

A mark of respect is something done perhaps as a funeral cortège passes by.  (Nowadays hardly anyone seems to bother!)

A big issue is something important.  The Big Issue is a magazine sold on the streets of Britain by homeless people.

(When I wrote this post last week, I was not aware that the Gospel reading set for Advent Sunday (1 December 2013) was part of the  chapter below.  A post on my other blog is relevant here.  Yes moments.)

There are many signs to look out for in the Bible.  Matthew 24