Every forty posts I provide a post with links to the previous thirty nine posts and an explanation of my choice of titles.  This is the 160th post.  I have chosen to us some of the factors of 160 for the title, which reminds me of a plank of wood – the fours could be inches and the ten, feet!  The lowest factors are 1 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 5.

Let’s drink to that!  This is a proposal to drink a toast to something.  The post is about expressions connected with drinking alcohol.

Blogging anniversary An extra post to mark the first birthday of his blog.

What on earth? Expressions including the concepts world, earth and land.  What on earth? is a phrase indicating surprise.

He does that religiously!  Many phrases in everyday speech have been handed down from a more religious age.  I have heard the title of this post used for as mundane an activity of wearing gloves.

Watch the birdie!  A photographer says this.  The post is about birds in the English language.

Take it or leave it!  This is a choice offered.  Phrases including take or leave are here.

Backwards and forwards  is a self-explanatory expression.  These two directions feature in expressions about time and more.

Whereabouts  is about location.  I widened the post to include drains and pipes.

Don’t get worked up about it!  Is an instruction to keep calm.  The post is about anger, irritation and other reactions to stress.

Just because  is a commonly used phrase.  The post is about cause and ground(s).

Breath-taking  A breath-taking view is so exciting the viewer might forget to breathe.  This post is my Keep Calm post.

Spineless – Menagerie (Part 5)   This post about tiny creatures includes a limerick I wrote.

Upbringing  A post about bringing up children and other expressions using up.

Hyphenated  Some words which require a hyphen are considered here.

Some vertebrates – Menagerie (part-6)  The creatures in these expressions all have backbones.

What’s cooking? Food and drink (Part 2)  Some phrases involving or about food.

Location, location  Place names feature here.

Sweet and savoury – Food and drink (Part 3)  More phrases relating to food.

Going in  Expressions including in with some red herrings involving drawing.

Out! is an order to go outside or out of the speaker’s presence.  The phrases here include out.

Measuring up  may mean physically measuring something or achieving a standard.  The post is about size and quantity.

Bread and Butter – Food and drink (Part 4)  Bread and butter is used as a phrase to represent the ability to survive financially.  The post is about food, eating and various kinds of bread.

By the name of…  proper nouns are featured here.

Money management – Money matters (Part 5)  Expressions about money.

Name game  More proper nouns.

Fun Laugh, smile and joke with me when you read this post!

Wisdom and folly (Part 1)  The range of human abilities is considered.

Lifelines  Nothing to do with palmistry or rescue – just life or live.

Wisdom and folly (Part 2)  The next instalment on the theme.

Down on the farm (Part 1)  Expressions derived from a rural lifestyle – Down because valleys are usually more fertile than hills, perhaps?

UK Blog Awards 2014  An extra post announcing my entry into a competition.

Strategy – War (Part 4)  More phrases which come from military vocabulary.

A man for all seasons  I have borrowed the title of a play by Robert Bolt for this post about men, boys and more.

Might A post about power and (un)certainty

All at sea (Part 1) Some expressions relating to sea-faring.

Down on the farm (Part 2)  More rural lifestyle sayings.

For what it’s worth… (Money matters Part 6)  Value and money expressions with help for those in debt in the UK

All at sea (Part 2)  More maritime phrases

Eyesight All these expressions contain eye

Psalms 77 and 78 are an account of God’s dealings with the people of Israel as the psalmist Asaph looked back.