Tiptop condition could be very healthy or unused, for example.

High stakes indicate an element of risk for a large payout (or loss!)

Up for grabs describes something which may be taken free of charge.  It is going begging, which means surplus to requirements.

Like gold dust means rare and desirable.

In a class of its own means exceptionally good.

Outclass is a transitive verb meaning do much better than.

Jewel in the crown is the very best available in any sphere.  I regard Buckingham Palace as the jewel in the crown of British tourist attractions.

Not short of a penny or two means well off.

Short of nothing they’ve got.
This truism is usually applied to well-to-do people.

Second to none is obviously the best.

Sans pareil means without equal and has the same meaning.

I was planning this post when I became part of a captive audience at a presentation on behalf of an organisation set up to help people out of debt.  CAP deserves wider notice, whether you are able to help or need help yourself.

The Bible readings which accompanied the presentation were Matthew 25:31-46 and 2 Corinthians 8:1-15