A battering ram used to be a tree-trunk used to ram into the door of a castle in the hope of battering it down.  A ram is a male sheep.  All horned males seem to have contests to seen which is strongest.  Do they ram their heads together?

Run the gauntlet is an expression about braving an inimical situation.  A gauntlet is a long glove such as knights in armour wore.


Gauntlets, about 1614. V&A Museum
Photo Credit Wikipedia

To throw down the gauntlet is to challenge someone to a contest.   A knight used to throw down a gauntlet and if it was picked up the challenge had been accepted.  The expression is still used.

Have a blitz means sort out and get rid of rubbish.  During World War II the German bombing of London was know as the Blitzkrieg (lightning war?).  There was not much left on a bomb-site.

To set a trap is something which may be done in warfare, in hunting or in civilian life.  A trap for the unwary is another expression reminding people that they need to be alert.

Shot his bolt is about archery and not being able to undo actions.

Cracking the whip is a metaphor describing a foreman urging his staff to work harder.

Whiplash is a common injury in shunt accidents.

Searchlights used to be used to catch people trying to cross the Berlin wall, for example.  They have peaceful purposes as well.

A search party goes out to look for a missing person.

Box someone’s ears means hit them.  It used to be a threat to a disobedient child.

Pack a punch means hit hard.

Lick the dust is about dying. Psalm 72:9  In the Old testament it was usual to pray for bad things to happen to one’s enemies.  Jesus taught a better way. Matthew 5:38-48