A fool and his money are soon parted.
This proverb suggests that a wise person will consider carefully before spending money.

Neither a borrower nor a lender be.
This is advice to manage with what you have and to expect everyone else to do the same.  Money is something which people have often quarrelled over.

As right as ninepence is an interesting simile.  When cash is paid in a transaction it is useful to have the right money and make an exact payment.  In predecimal coinage 9d. could be nine 1d. coins, three 3d. coins, 6d. plus 3d. in any combination of coins.  there were also halfpennies and farthings.  Halfpennies was pronounced Hay-pennies and sometimes written ha’penny in dialogue.  However in The Dictionary of Modern Phrase, Graeme Donald gives the meaning as “in perfect health” or “neat and tidy” and the derivation as a corruption of nine-pins placed on their markers at the beginning of a game.  (Nine-pins are skittles.)

A Threepenny bit
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A pound of flesh is a quotation from The Merchant of Venice.  In general parlance it means taking as much as possible.

A rolling stone gathers no moss is a proverb.  The explanation I am most familiar with is that people who are permanently on the move do not collect many possessions.  A corollary is that settled  people prosper.

Moss/grass does not grow on a busy street is a related saying.  Have you noticed moss growing on the pavement in quiet residential streets?

The sky’s the limit is a phrase associated with an unlimited budget.

A bounced cheque may also be spoken of as a rubber cheque referring to a rubber ball, which bounces.  It is one which the bank did not honour, but marked Return to drawer.  The drawer here is the person who wrote the cheque and either made a mistake, rendering it invalid or did not have sufficient cleared funds in their account for the bank to pay the amount promised on the cheque.  Note that in the UK we spell cheque the French way unlike the US check, which sounds the same.

A king’s ransom is a very large sum, such as would be demanded for the release of a king.

Cough up!
Colloquially someone is being told to pay.

Up the ante means raise the possible benefits perhaps also raising the potential loss in an uncertain situation.  The ante is the first stake at poker.

Stake a claim means declare an interest in the possession of something.  A stake is a pointed stick.  If you claim something, you believe you have a right to it.

Easy come easy go!
Money which has not been earned by hard work is quickly spent.

Proverbs 13:11 (NIV) Dishonest money dwindles away, but he who gathers money little by little makes it grow.