It’s out of my hands means there is nothing I can do about it.

Out of my control is similar.

Dismissed out of hand might be the way a new idea is received.  It would not even be considered.

Out of hand used to mean something handed over on request.  Now it is associated with abruptness.  (The Dictionary of Modern Phrase)  If a plant is growing too big it may be getting out of hand.

Out of control might be an undisciplined child or a runaway train, for example.  There was a song about one of those!

Out of bounds is an expression I associate with school rules.  Children are not allowed to go to places which are out of bounds.  Off limits has a similar meaning.  Boundaries mark the limit of property ownership for example.

Taking the heat out of an argument or other potentially explosive situation is similar to pouring oil on troubled waters.

Time out has several meanings.  People might take a holiday, which would be time out from work.  Nowadays computer users might be timed out if they failed to log in quickly enough, or were inactive while logged in.

The sands of time are running out is an expression about the transitory nature of life.  Egg-timers and hourglasses have sand inside.

Hourglass Photo Credit User:S Sepp via Wikipedia

Without a shadow of a doubt means for certain.  Shadow here means suggestion.  Of course a doubt would not be visible or able to cast a shadow.  It is a figurative expression.

Out of one’s element is like a fish out of water.

Scared out of your wits is so frightened that you cannot think.

Jump out of your skin is an idiom.  Sudden noises may make people move involuntarily.  A person arriving silently and speaking may be told, “You made me jump!”  No-one really jumps out of their skin.  It is an exaggeration to emphasise how startled the person was.

Branch out means diversify.

Keep a weather-eye out for means look for.  It is a nautical expression from the days before weather-forecasts.  A look-out would be high on a mast (in the crow’s nest) looking out for storm clouds. 

To come out of one’s shell means to become less shy or reserved.  Presumably the  analogy is with a snail, which retreats into its shell for safety.

To go out on a limb refers to a branch of a tree.  Usually it is about someone who is not being joined by others in a venture.

Blotted out (of the Book of Life Psalm 69:28) A blot used to be made by accident with a pen and ink.  If the blot fell on writing, the writing could no longer be read.  It was effectively deleted.

Work out your own salvation does not mean solve the puzzle of life.  Rather it means after accepting salvation, live life as a redeemed child of God.  Philippians 2:12-13 (NIV) continue to work out your salvation with fear and trembling, for it is God who works in you  and to act according to his good purpose.