As cool as a cucumber is a synonym, which transports me back to the summers of my childhood.  When it was hot and sunny, Mum would cut the peel off a cucumber and put a strip on our foreheads to cool us down.  The green stripe was hardly the height of fashion, but who cared?

Let’s collect ourselves is an expression used, for example, when preparing for the next leg of a journey.

Take a breather means have a rest.  Activity can increase our heart rate and breathing steadily slows it down.

Catch your breath.  Take a break.

Pause for thought became the title of a radio programme.  Busyness can prevent thought.

Keep your own counsel.  Take your own advice or keep your thoughts to yourself?

Guard against…

…means be careful not to…

…be caught unawares.

There is a children’s song, which includes the phrase “catch them unawares” –   (Bananas in pyjamas by Carey Blyton.)

A breathing space could be a place to rest or a short time to rest.

Cool, calm and collected is an alliterative cliché meaning poised, which in turn means balanced.  I mentioned it in an earlier post.

Let me collect/gather my thoughts.  Give me time to think.

An early form of mouth-to-mouth resuscitation is described in the Old Testament, when Elisha breathed life into a dead person.  I consider this to be a miracle.   What do you think?

2 Kings 4:8-37