Meanwhile back at the ranch used to be a popular expression in adventure stories.

Forewarned is forearmed is a saying. If you have some relevant information in advance of a meeting for example, you are better able to deal with it.

In advance means beforehand.

 Advance booking is advised is the correct way of indicating that tickets may be in short supply.  I have seen advanced used in this context, but that is wrong!  Advanced (used as an adjective) means more difficult or more specialised.  An advance is money given out ahead of its due date.  For example, employees might ask for an advance from their wages.  The sum paid out would then have been advanced.

In arrears is the opposite.  It means behind time.  It is usual to pay rent in advance and to receive wages in arrears.

With malice aforethought is an expression about deliberate wrong-doing – some spiteful act which has been planned beforehand.

Preparatory to is a clumsy expression meaning before.

To bend over backwards is to do more than what might be considered reasonable.  The phrase is usually heard as part of a complaint about how the speaker’s efforts have not been appreciated.

Dull and backward is how teachers used to describe pupils requiring remedial classes or those who now would have a statement of their special needs.

Not backward at coming forward describes someone who speaks out and makes their presence known.  It can be used to express disapproval or a shy person might be told not to be backward at coming forward.

Back-to-front is the wrong way round.

Back-to-back is how many rows of houses were built.

The back of beyond is a remote location.

A setback is an unexpected delay.

Backroom boys are not seen working by the public in the front office.

Without a backward glance means without looking back.  Lot’s wife failed here with fatal consequences.  Genesis 19:26 (NIV) But Lot’s wife looked back, and she became a pillar of salt.  Read the whole story in Genesis 18:16:19:29