Word-perfect is to know one’s script as an actor.

Keeping track means being aware of what is going on, whether financially or of someone’s whereabouts or any other changing situation.

A track record comes from athletics and similar sports, where an athlete’s performance is logged and used as a standard to improve upon.  It has found its way into other spheres such as work or standards of behaviour.

Track down means find.  Clues might be required such as a tracker would use in the woods to hunt an animal.

Stop someone in their tracks.
This expression means the same as bringing someone up short. 

The wrong side of the tracks is the poorer side of a town with a railway.

Under starter’s orders describes the runners just before a race.

Set the record straight means to correct what has been said or written previously.

To have someone taped
is to be able to predict their behaviour.  Tape can be used to tie things up.  Magnetic tape was used to record sound and data before CD’s were invented.  I’m not sure of the derivation.

In a groove means in a rut, repeating the same activities without change.

In the groove means “hip” and presumably led to the 1960s slang word, groovy.  There was a pop song with the title Feeling Groovy.

Keeping a log is a form of record keeping especially at sea, where every ship used to have a logbook.

That reminds me of an old joke, which may require some explanation for younger people who grew up using calculators.

When Noah let the animals out of the ark, he told them to go forth and multiply.  All the pairs of animals went off happily except for the adders, who hung back.  “We don’t know how to multiply”, they told Noah.  “We’re adders.”
So Noah went and cut down a tree and made a log-table so that the adders could multiply.

The Bible is a record of God’s dealings with human beings.  Within it other records are referenced.  One incident involving written records is described in the Book of Esther.  This book is fascinating.  Another blogger is inviting people to look at it this month.  Are you ready for this challenge?