It’s a good horse that never stumbles
is a saying which suggests that no-one is infallible.

A stain on one’s character perhaps means something in a character reference which is detrimental to finding employment.

Swallow your pride is an idiom meaning stoop to ask a favour by admitting that you cannot manage without help.

Come a cropper means fall heavily (literally or metaphorically).  The derivation is uncertain.  A cropper is a plant giving a good yield.

A common failing is a negative trait that many people have.

Failing that we resort to Plan B!

Rattled (shaken) and suffering from shock lead to the ungrammatical expression: “I’m all shook up”.

To muff something is to make a mess of it.  Although it originated in sport, it is also used in the performing arts.  Actors may muff their lines or an instrumentalist a note or phrase.

Going haywire means going wrong.  Graeme Donald in  The Dictionary of Modern Phrase describes how the wire used to bale hay can be dangerous if the restraints on its coil break.

A lapse of memory can cause an appointment to be missed or other problems.  A lapse is sometimes used on its own and a relapse is the worsening of an illness after an apparent recovery.

Tripping over your shoelaces could be painful.  It is the sort of accident, which could be avoided by proper preparation.

Falling flat is an expression which could apply to failed plans.

Falling flat on your face could be the result of walking round with your hands in your pockets.  This theme had a variation in an earlier post.

Bear the brunt of means take the greatest responsibility for.

Pipped at the post is an alliterative idiom about losing by a small margin.  The horse coming in second when the race ends in a photo-finish has been pipped at the post.

Flushed with success suggests blushing with pride.  There are other meanings of flushed, of course.

A success story is good to hear unless it causes jealousy.

A modicum of success is not a complete and utter failure.

Success breeds success perhaps by increasing confidence both of the successful person and their potential customers confidence in them.

Go swimmingly means go well.

To strike oil is to make a profitable discovery.

In Romans 9:30-33 St Paul quoted Isaiah: “See, I lay in Zion a stone that causes men to stumble and a rock that makes them fall, and the one who trusts in him will never be put to shame.”

What do you think this means?