Like father, like son.

This saying is usually about behaviour or characteristics.

A show-off is attention-seeking or not backward at coming forward.

Top of the form was the name of a radio quiz show where teams from schools around the country competed.  A form is an alternative name for class in a school setting.  In old-fashioned schoolrooms such as some which may be seen in National Trust properties (for example the Apprentice House at Quarry Bank Mill, Styal.) pupils sat on benches or forms.  The brightest child was the top of the form.  There was also an expression, “Go to the top of the class and kiss the teacher!”  A bright child might be teacher’s pet.  Pet here means favourite.

Quarry Bank Mill (Photo credit Wikimedia commons)

A child wonder or prodigy ahead of his or her age group would be a precocious child.

A love-child is a euphemism for an illegitimate child.

A brain-child is not a child at all, but possibly an invention or other result of thinking something out.

A frump does not worry what she looks like.

A tomboy is a girl who enjoys playing games boys are expected to play.  I climbed trees and rode bikes and  roller-skated round the suburban streets. I was stung by a hibernating bumble-bee when I helped a boy in my group of playmates move his go-cart made from pram wheels and wood.  In the North of England go-carts are called bogies.  A go-kart is not the same thing at all!

A mummy’s boy is one who goes running to his mother at the slightest upset.

Sleepy head is a name for a child who should be on the way to bed.

A shining example and an example to us all are people to be looked up to and copied, whether in our families or elsewhere.

Piggy-in-the-middle is a ball-game.  Three people play.  The piggy-in-the-middle stands between the other two and tries to catch the ball as they pass it between themselves over the head of the piggy.  When the piggy-in-the-middle succeeds, the person who has thrown the ball becomes the next piggy-in-the-middle.  There are other situations where people may feel they are being overlooked and are a piggy-in-the-middle.

A go-between takes messages between two people who cannot communicate directly for whatever reason.  In families where communication has broken down between certain individuals another may take on the role of go-between.

A scapegoat is someone who is made to take the blame.

Leviticus Chapter 16 contains the instructions for the Day of Atonement, when the High Priest confessed all the sins of the people, sacrificed one goat and put all the sins of the people onto the head of the scape goat, which was led out into the desert and released.

Psalm 103:11-12 uses the word transgressions instead of sins.  Transgression is a crossing of the line dividing right from wrong.