The talk of the town
is the latest topic many people are talking about locally.  Anyone who is the talk of the town is more likely to be notorious than famous.  For this post I am also looking at the talk of London Town or more precisely those born within the sound of Bow Bells, the Cockneys.  Bow Bells are the bells of the church of St Mary-le-Bow.


St Mary-le-Bow church (Photo credit Wikipedia)

Paint the town red
is an expression which has nothing to do with red paint.  It is a slang expression for riotous behaviour.  The Dictionary of Modern Phrase links it to the spread of behaviour which is associated with red-light districts to other parts of a small town.

Go to town
is an expression with layers of meaning.  Growing up in the suburbs, to me going to town meant going to central London.  In other parts of the country it meant going to the nearest town.  It also means spending lavishly.  An advertising campaign I remember was for a particular brand of decorating materials. 

Go to town,
Buy Crown.

Take a trip down memory lane.
Here is an expression which recommends going to a place which only exists inside people’s heads – an early form of virtual reality, which has existed long before computers were dreamt of.

Sparrow grass is a slang expression for asparagus.

To be wedded to
means to be devoted to an idea or a possession or literally to be married to.

Horse and carriage is Cockney rhyming slang for marriage.

Apples and pears means stairs.

Plates of meat are feet.

Dog and bone refers to phoneSpeakers of slang often shorten the phrases, so a person using the telephone might be described as being “on the dog.”

Tata for now or TTFN is one way of taking one’s leave.  Tata is used in Northern England instead of Bye-bye.  A radio show  It’s that Man Again used TTFN as a catchphrase.  (Before my time!)

A doddle is a colloquial expression for an easy task.

The Bible has been translated into Cockney.  Would you Adam and Eve it? (Would you believe it?)

In his first letter St John wrote a wonderful passage about belief in Jesus Christ1 John 5:1-12