It wouldn’t do for us all to be the same! 

is a comment I have heard many times.  This is the first in a series of posts about phrases describing people.

Flibbertigibbet is a lovely word, describing a flighty person.  Other attributes are also included in the dictionary definition.

A perfectionist is someone who wants their work to be perfect.  It is good to aim high, but life’s too short!

My dear girl is an expression, which I find extremely patronising.

An old dear is a term of affection.

A good sort is someone with a pleasant personality – the salt of the earth.

A chip off the old block is someone who is just like one of their  parents.  The imagery is from chopping wood.

Hoity-toity usually means haughty.

Fuddy-duddy is old-fashioned.

A stick-in the-mud is resistant to change.

A creature of habit indicates regularity and routine.

A rough diamond is not very refined.  (Diamonds have to be cut to sparkle.)

File:Rough diamond.jpg
A rough diamond  Photo credit Wikipedia

She’s a bookworm – always reading.

A character is someone larger than life. (If someone requires a character, they probably mean a character reference.)

A dogsbody has to do a lot of work.

A master of ceremonies presides over speeches or a variety show.

Master of all he surveys describes a landed gentleman.  In this context survey means to look out on.

As common as muck is not a polite expression.

Prim and proper describes buttoned-up dress and behaviour.

High and mighty ought to apply to God, but is used for people who seem to have got a bit above themselvesIsaiah 57:15