Well begun is half done.

If procrastination is a problem, just beginning something is an effort, but once a job is started it is well on the way to being finished.

Done and dusted
means completed.  If you are of the opinion that other parts of cleaning such as cleaning or vacuuming raise dust, dusting is the final job.

A hand over can involve explaining to the next shift what has been happening.

Business as usual
means that life is carrying on and people are not on holiday.

Businesses open as usual
is a sign which can be seen when there are road-works and vehicular access looks difficult.

To miss your vocation
would be a shame.  Vocation means calling.  Usually a vocation is seen as a job requiring particular skills and attitudes.  Nursing and teaching, for example are often described as vocations.  Finding something which is enjoyable (or at least satisfying) and uses one’s talents to the full is a good objective.

That will spur you on.
A spur may be worn on a riding boot and used to make the horse go faster.  A deadline (or the opportunity to do something exciting when you already have work that must be completed) could result in this being said.

A thankless task
is a job no-one wants to do, but which is probably taken for granted.

A thank you job
is an unpaid job.  “Thank you” is the most you can expect.

On the job
can describe training.  You learn as you go along or are sent for training by your employer.

Pull together
means work as a team, not necessarily at tug of war.

I’m behind you.
If this is literally true, you can’t see me without turning round.  It is a pledge of support, which might not be obvious without being stated.

I’ll back you up…
…if you’ll be the spokesperson.

A back-up plan may be needed in case plan A doesn’t work.

If all else fails…
…plan C might be needed!

Not my field.
A field here is an area of expertise.

Don’t let the grass grow under your feet.
This means get on with whatever needs to be done.  Standing around doesn’t mow the lawn.

You’re a glutton for punishment.
This may be said to someone who takes on a lot of work.  (All those bloggers taking part in Postaday or Blogging from A-Z in April.)

To get your teeth into something
means to work hard and persevere wih a project.

To mean business
is to be determined and serious about a job.

A good job, too.
This is an idiom, which means it is fortunate something has happened.  A good job may also mean work well done or lucrative employment.

If you have the latter you probably won’t need to sell the family silver.  This expression means sell something which is precious such as an heirloom in order to survive.

His future was mapped out.
He was expected to enter the family business, perhaps.

Make short work of something
means to do a job or eat a meal quickly.

I’ll see what I can do, but I can’t work miracles.

This is a reaction from someone taking on a difficult task.  I still hope that miracles can be worked through believers.  John 14:1-14