“Do as I say, not as I do.”
is part of a quotation from John Selden:

Preachers say, Do as I say, not as I do.

There are many little words in the English language which are very useful, but are not considered much.  I have chosen two of them for this post.  Make and doTogether they mean manage with scant resourcesmake do.  Correct me if I’m wrong, but as far as I know in French they make do with one verb for both meanings – faire.

Or they can work together for emphasis: Do make up you mind!

Doing and making ought to be useful activities.

Great talkers are not great doers.
They could have done whatever it was instead of talking about it.

No sooner said than done is the opposite.  In German it is even shorter,Gesagt, getan”.

Make time.
If you really want to do something you can make time for it or find the time.

Make money is another phrase, which is not literal.  To make coins and banknotes requires a mint, but any profitable pursuit is said to make money.

Make a fortune means make a large amount of money.  Fortune indicates an element of chance.

Time is money is a saying.  Wages are paid by the hour, so in a sense it is true.

To make an announcement is an official way of saying something.

To make a confession is to own up to something.  If you explain why you did it, it may lead to the response, “Don’t make excuses”.

If you make a mistake you might need to make amends.

Make way! is an order to stand aside and let someone pass.  Sometimes someone retires making way for a younger person.  This is topical at present with both the Archbishop of Canterbury (Rowan Williams) and Pope Benedict XVI having recently done this.  The newly elected replacements are Archbishop Justin Welby and Pope Francis.

Make your way has a number of meanings.  You can make your way to a place.  How you make your way in life depends on all sorts of things, some of which are outside your control.  For instance, your height (or lack of it) can disqualify you from some sorts of work.

Make merry means celebrate.

Make haste involves hurrying.

Make fun of at its best is teasing, but could be mocking.

Jesus was mocked by some soldiers.  St Matthew told the story in Chapter 27 verses 27-31.