“Room, room, brave gallants.  Give me room to sport.”

I had always attributed this quotation to Shakespeare, but it is older than that.  It is used in various Mummers’ plays performed around the country.  There are variations such as rhyme instead of sport.  Mummers’ plays, like pantomimes, are mostly in rhyme.  The sport is swordplay.

Weston Mummers Photo Credit Wikipedia

Play by the rules.Any game or sport has rules.  The expression is also used in other spheres, where the correct protocol is required.  It is the opposite of cheating.

Be a sport!
No-one is asking you to be football or cricket.  It is short for be a good sport.  This means joining in with some fun or not minding being teased or losing.

On the ball is where you have to keep your eyes in games such as tennis.  I have to admit, I was never much good at ball games.  If someone is on the ball they are alert and observant.

Play ball is an expression which has come to mean co-operate.

I’m game means I’m prepared to fall in with the proposed plan.

Flex your muscles might be something you do as stretching exercises before running.  It also means show how strong you are, perhaps in resisting someone else’s plans.

A level playing field is one where neither team has an advantage.  Many people believe that life should be like this, but experience does not encourage me to agree with them.

Jump to it!
This instruction means “Do it straightaway!”  It sounds rather disrespectful, but could be used within families especially to encourage children to get on with something when they’d rather play.

Any sport requires training and so does the Christian life.  St Paul wrote in his letter to the Philippians Chapter 3 verse 14 (NIV)  “I press on towards the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward.”