“Life begins at forty”
is the title of a book by Walter B. Pitkin.  (Oxford Dictionary of Phrase, Saying and Quotation).

This is my fortieth post, so a good place to take stock and explain the titles of earlier posts, which I deliberately left out of the posts themselves.  My blog has taken on a life of its own as I have learned various skills and a bit more about how wordpress works.  When I started I had no idea that blogging was a form of social networking or that it would be so much fun.

Introduction to Sue’s considered trifles

In case you wondered how I chose the name of my blog, it was the third name I tried. The other two had already been taken.  “A snapper-up of unconsidered trifles” is a quotation from “A Winter’s Tale”  by William Shakespeare.  A trifle is a small thing and one of my favourite desserts.  I hope I have thought about the  small (and not-so-small) things in my blog, so I changed it to considered.  And my name really is Susan, which was too long for a blog title when combined with the other elements.  The other day someone asked me if I was Sue or Susan, and I said, “Yes!”


Writing   There is a piece of my writing on this page.

Menagerie (Part 1) Menagerie (Part 2)

A menagerie is a collection of animals.  I have collected sayings about animals and birds together.

Money matters (Part 1) Money matters (Part 2) Money matters (Part 3)

For richer, for poorer: Money matters (Part4)

Money matters is an unoriginal pun.  Matters can be the verb or the noun.  Either way these posts are about money.  “For richer, for poorer” is a quotation from The Book of Common Prayer in the Solemnization of Matrimony or Marriage Service.

Speaking terms (Part 1)

Yes, I like puns.  Theses are all sayings to do with speaking, or things people often say.  Terms can mean definitions and if two people are not on speaking terms they never acknowledge each other.

Are you telling the truth?  Speaking terms (Part 2) *

This post is mainly about truth and lies.  I had learned to make my titles more interesting at this stage!

Opinionated?  Speaking terms (Part 3)

More about expressing a point of view…

Can you hear me?  Speaking terms (Part 4)

…and listening to one.  “Can you hear me, mother?”  was a catchphrase in a radio show.

Can we agree to differ? Speaking terms (Part 5)

In a manner of speaking…Speaking terms (Part 6)

Understanding: Speaking terms (Part 7)

Pointed remarks: Speaking terms (Part 8)

After all the wind and rain Weather (Part 1)

We had just had some atrocious weather.

The sky above…Weather (Part 2)

On time (Part 1) On time (Part 2) On time (Part 3) On time (Part 4)

Another pun: on time means punctual, but these posts are all connected with time.  That is the subject I chose to write on.

Threats and promises

Anyone for a game of “Simon says…”?

These are commands.  The game “Simon says…” involves a leader calling out instructions.  If they are to be obeyed, they must be preceded by “Simon says”.  Anyone acting on an unauthorised instruction is “out” and has to watch until the end of the game.

Sea Fever  is the title of a poem by John Masefield, which I borrowed to introduce some sayings connected with the sea.

From the neck up introduces expressions about the head.

Hands, knees and boomps-a-daisy
is a sort of song and dance for children.  They clap hands, slap their knees, then turn round and bump their bottoms together!  I wonder whether a-daisy comes from the dance move dos-à-dos (back to back) often pronounced dosey-doh.  It is not far from a-daisy!  Boomps is just bumps.  Oh, and my post?  It’s about sayings involving parts of the body.

Food and drink

Fish or fowl?  Sayings about fish and birds.

What are you worrying about?

In vogue seemed like a good title for sayings involving clothes and beauty, although these may no longer be in fashion.

Lost and found

Making a song and dance means making a fuss.  This post is about music and dance!

This and that Not so much a collection of oddments as phrases joined by the word “and”.

Ever hopeful My first attempt at Dpchallenge (The Daily Post Challenge – Daily Prompt).  It includes travel as well as hope and I was poking fun at myself in the title for trying the challenge, which was to write the post you would write if your blog had gone viral.  I don’t think I even managed to follow all the instructions!

Last orders! (Part 1) *

More commands and another pun.  I don’t think I have ever stayed in a bar until closing time, but I am told that the barman shouts “Last orders”, when there is only time to have one more drink before closing time.  Licensing laws have changed, so this may have become historical.

Bonfire Night A topical post for 5 November.

You’ve heard it all before A post which does not discuss clichés, but uses them instead.

To the nth degree

In algebra letters are used instead of numbers.  The letter n is used to represent any number, to give a general formula.  It is a post about words ending in TH.  There is a word challenge here.

Going down! was my second attempt at writing from a Daily Prompt.

Forty is an important number in the Bible.  The people of Israel wandered in the desert for forty years before reaching the promised land.  Jesus spent forty days and forty nights in the desert.  Matthew Chapter 4.

* (An asterisk against a post indicates that it includes some of my “creative” writing.)