How many different ways are there of telling you that I am linking to posts you may have missed?

The next two were well-received by their early readers.  The first is about food and drink, while the second looks at sayings with place names in.  Are you making any travel plans?

What’s cooking? Food and drink (Part 2)

Location, location

Sue’s new blog, Sue’s words and pictures includes some places.  If words are more your thing, Sue’s Trifles could be right up your street.

Two posts you may have missed on this blog consider words needing a hyphen and phrases about creatures with backbones – now is that one word without a hyphen?


Some vertebrates – Menagerie (part-6)

It is great that you are visiting Sue’s considered trifles, but things are starting to wind down here.  Are you following Sue’s other blogs, Sue’s Trifles (A to Z paricipant) and Sue’s words and pictures ?


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