This blog about the English language is currently providing links to archive posts.  The next two are concerned with expressions connected with eyes, seeing and not seeing and others connected with housework.

The announcement about the UK blog awards is out-of-date.  My blogs were both shortlisted for the awards in the education category.  I attended the awards ceremony and met some lovely bloggers.

A look in the eye

Cleaning up


Comments are closed on my earlier posts, but you are welcome to comment here.  All links open in new tabs.

Why not have a look at my other blogs?  Sue’s Trifles is a miscellany of all my interests.  Sue’s words and pictures includes photos and ideas for places to visit in the UK.


On this blog about words, idioms and sayings Sue is currently providing links to posts you may have missed.  The next two posts concern expressions about money (and managing it) and a post about plants with quotations and a photo thrown in for good measure.

Haves and have-nots – Money matters (Part 7)

Back to nature

Posting here once a month.  Comments are closed on earlier posts, but links open in a new tab, so it is easy to return here to comment!

More updates from Sue may be found at Sue’s Trifles and Sue’s words and pictures.

Thanks for visiting.  If you were hoping for a Hallowe’en post this month there is one here.



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