Every forty posts I recap on what has gone before.  Since my 200th post Double century I have endeavoured to post new material on Mondays and links to two archive posts on Thursdays.  Today being a Thursday I am bringing you twenty times the usual number of links!

Being no respecter of Google and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) I choose titles for my posts which are intended to be quirky rather than obvious.

Road Works  Road-works are what we call anything involving holes in the road, resurfacing and other temporary obstructions to the flow of traffic (apart from accidents, which feature in my post along with other expressions connected with roads or vehicles).

Time and “and”  Time and “and” The archive posts involve time (Part 4 in my series) and phrases linked with “and”.  Time and again could have appeared in either post.  Click through to check whether it did!

Style and intention – Speaking terms (Part 10)  These expressions look at the attitude of the speaker.

Speaking of hope Archive posts in the speaking terms series and one about hope.

Bells and belles Expressions beginning with bell… and the sound of bells.

Money orders Archive posts in the Money Matters and Last Orders series.  Money Orders are a way of sending money.

UK Blog Awards This post was an account of my experience of entering and being a finalist in the first UK Blog Awards.  There are other posts about this on Sue’s Trifles, where I am blogging for fun.  (Here I am doing a writing project.)

November posts Archive posts from November 2012.  One is my popular post about Bonfire Night and the other is an experiment in writing with well-worn expressions.

Back to Nature (Part 2)  Animals and plants feature here.

Word endings and depths Archive posts about the word ending -th and a writing exercise with no 3 letter words for a Daily Prompt.  Mental health awareness week is also linked here.

Recap and death Two more archive posts (on a Monday!) with links to more awareness websites.  The recap was my 40th post and At death’s door was a daily prompt.

Friendship and my blogging goals revisited  Friend or foe and a rewrite of my very first post are the archive links here.

Getting better Improvement, healing and related sayings and words in a new post.

Flowers perchance?  Archive links to  a post about flowers and one about chance.

Rules, regulations and ruling out  A post about rules, mistakes and standards.

You have to decide Links to a post about orders, one about decisions and a guest blogger on my other blog.

Lest we forget Sayings about memory.

Card games and water Archive links and one to my What’s new page.

Head to foot is mainly about heads.

Christmas season Links to A word in season and Boxing Day (about boxes)

Frightful Panic, confusion and muddles might well be frightful.

Will the next year be any better? Links to my New Year’s post and a popular post – Good, better, best

Making the grade Phrases about approval, standards and innocence.

Facts, figures and feelings Two archive links

Shooting your mouth off – Speaking terms (Part 11) More expressions about how people express themselves.

Funny names or a strange title Links to That’s funny! and What’s in a name?

Picking holes Holes, gaps and walls feature here.

Two experimental posts A digression from my theme and a P post.

Speaking and listening – Speaking terms (part 12) Terms connected with hearing, deafness and telling.

Two more experimental posts Archive links to a group writing project and a poem written for a Daily Prompt.

The centre of attention A post about performance, a link to a YouTube video The Circus Ring and a diversion to plumblines.

Work and play Archive links, a mention of my second blogiversary and a link to a holiday post on my other blog.

Stone, wind and fire All these phrases involve the ideas conveyed by stone, wind or fire.

Reading books and sport Archive links to a post about my preference for books rather than e-books and one about cricket.

Persuasion and ridicule – Speaking terms (Part 13) Another about how people express themselves, this time to influence or ridicule others.

Business and saying R Archive links to one about work and an alliterative post.

Something to crow about Expressions connected with birds and teeth.

My blog and a popular lad Archive links to a response to a daily prompt and a post about Jack.

What can I say? Speaking terms (Part 14)

Silence means consent.
This saying encourages people to speak out if they disagree.

She doesn’t mince her words.  Mincing meat makes it easier to swallow.

I operate my mouth before engaging my brain.   I overheard this remark.  If everyone stopped to think before they spoke a lot of hurts could be avoided.

Set a guard over my mouth Psalm 141:3  I tend to think of guard in the sense of an object, but the reference is more likely to be a being like a guardian angel.  A gum-shield used in certain sports would not have  the same effect!

She’s very guarded.  She is careful what she says – possibly reluctant to reveal facts or opinions.

To become expansive means to open up and talk frankly.

Talking turkey is an American expression meaning talking frankly or getting down to business.  (Oxford Dictionary of Modern Slang).  A talking turkey would be something quite different!

If you can’t say something kind, don’t say anything.
This is a good principle to live by.

Don’t stick your oar in where it’s not wanted.
This saying recommends resisting the temptation to give advice or interfere in situations, which do not really concern you.

He has a lot to answer for.
This use of answer means take responsibility or the blame for.  If he were on trial he would be able to answer.

Don’t put the words into my mouth! means “Don’t tell me what to say!”

Put the words into someone’s mouth 2 Samuel 14:19 gives an example of the use of this expression.  The whole chapter is about the use of speech to influence someone in a position of power.


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